Lyn Holly Coorg was born in Worthing UK to Polish / British parents and moved with her family to Canada when she was a child. Lyn Holly's passion for photography and recording moments around her began in these early years in Canada, when she was given a Brownie camera and became fascinated with expressing her view of the world through the lens.
After returning to the UK Lyn Holly Coorg gained a B.Ed. in Special Education at Bristol UWE and majored in Photography and Art History with continued development at Brighton University. 
Her career as a photographer began in the late 1980s, when after a year long world trip, she worked as a contributor to Tony Stone Images. 

She has continued as a commercial stock photographer for Getty Images and Shutterstock to the present day. 
 Lyn’s creative work is inspired by her passion for travel and the excitement and buzz of a cityscape, watching and waiting for the ‘decisive moment ‘.   She often uses Intentional Camera Movement to show a sense of emotion, movement and energy in her subject matter.    
Lyn’s work is held in private collections in the UK and Europe

Exhibitions and Award

 2019    Gallery 40 Brighton                       Joint Exhibition 
 2019 35 North Gallery Brighton                 Solo Exhibition
 2021  35 North Gallery Brighton               Joint Exhibition 
 2021 Open House Brighton Exhibition     Joint Exhibition
 2022 Open House Brighton Exhibition     Joint Exhibition   

2022         Photographer of the Year                     Open House Artists  Brighton   

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